Travel To Egypt


Egypt is the perfect year-round holiday destination. Egypt has a mild climate, warm waters of the Mediterranean and Red Sea beaches, coral reefs of the coastal zone, diving and swimming  can’t leave no visitor indifferent. But in addition, Egypt has a long history that is old about 6 thousand years. On territory of Egypt are unique monuments of ancient cultures.Business cards are the pyramids of Egypt. There is no person who visited Egypt and don’t wished to see pyramids.cairosource

Travel to Egypt

1.Pyramids of Giza  , incredibly valuable and important monument architectural Egypt. This historic ensemble consists of three large pyramids: Cheops, which is the largest pyramid, pyramid Khafre, pyramid Minkaury.Egypt -Pyramids of Giza sourcegreat-pyramidsource

2. Heliopolis in Egypt, Heliopolis is one of the oldest and most important cities of ancient Egypt. It was located 10 kilometers northeast of Cairo. This city is considered for more important than the ancient city of Memphis. In Heliopolis is located the center of the supreme god of the sun (first Atum, then Ra) and cycle associated with deities (Ennead of Heliopolis ), hence the Greek name of the city Ἡλίουπόλις -. “The city of the sun“.heliopolis ancientsource

3. Egyptian Museum in Egypt. The Egyptian Museum is located in the main square of Cairo. It was founded in 1885, it has the greatest archaeological artifacts in the world. Museum is located on area of 1600 square meters, can be seen wooden Sarkozy from era from Pharaohs, sculptures in Greek – Roman period, Coptic icons and Islamic manuscripts. Valuable items placed in several spacious rooms can give a complete picture of Egyptian civilization as a whole.The Egyptian MuseumsourceThe-Egyptian-Museum-the-jewelry-of-Cairo-sourceinside-egyptian-museum-cairosource

4. The city of Luxor is one of the most important historical and architectural monuments of ancient Egypt. It was founded more than 5,000 years and is located on the east side of the Nile, 280 kilometers from Hurghada. Luxor is known, what is the site of the ancient capital of Egypt – Thebes. During the centuries of Egyptian history, many pharaohs left behind in memory for them outstanding architectural monuments, decorated with sculptures, reliefs and ornaments. All this is of great value for research scientists and tourists from around the world.luxorsourceLuxor-Temple-at-night-Luxorsource

5. Hurghada, a resort town with many hotels stretching along the coast. Located on the west coast of the Red Sea, 500 kilometers from Cairo. In the early 20th century was a small village of Hurghada., Created by British oil companies. But in 1980 began a wonderful transformation of forgotten village resort of world importance.hurghadahotelssourceAlig_walk_way_hurghada_egyptsourceholiday_on_the_beach_in_the_resort_of_Hurghada__Egyptsource

6. Town Sharm el Sheikh is located in the south west side. This complex is the most popular among tourists from all over Egypt. In this city every guest will find something different, something that will make you return here again and again. The main attractions of Sharm el-Sheikh are beautiful beaches and picturesque underwater world of coral reefs.beach-sharm-el-sheikh-egyptsourcesharm el sheikh 1

sharm el sheikh egyptsource