Tips for Limiting Sugar Intake During the Holidays

We’re so close to the holiday season and with it comes amazing seasonal drinks, desserts, and cocktails. One thing these three things have in common is they’re loaded with sugar. If you’re trying to eat healthy during the holiday season, it can be overwhelming and hard to say no to sweets completely. But, you don’t have to! Here are some tips for cutting back sugar while still enjoying holiday treats.

Enjoy Small Treats

If you have a sweet tooth, you know how difficult it is to cut sugary foods from your diet. Instead, enjoy sweets in small doses. Go ahead and have a few squares of dark chocolate, a cup of hot chocolate, a sliver of cake, or a small cookie each day.

Swap Sweets for Fruit

Fruit is a great source of natural sugar that you can feel good about eating. With simple changes like replacing sugar with applesauce in baked goods or making “nice cream” instead of eating ice cream, you can enjoy sweet things while adding nutrients and fiber to your diet.

Sweeten Holiday Drinks with Spices

Instead of using sugar, sweeten your punch, cocktails, or coffee with cinnamon, vanilla, or mint.

Identify Your Triggers

Knowing what foods tempt you will help you be better prepared when they’re in front of you. If you are keeping sweets in your home, keep them in a place that’s out of sight or hard to reach.