Three Foods You Can Eat To Start Your Day Off Right

A popular belief amongst health and fitness enthusiasts is that if you eat good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good! Food is obviously our primary source of fuel, and yet many of us choose to supply our bodies with unhealthy processed junk.

The truth of the matter is this – starting your day off on the right note begins with a breakfast packed with micronutrients, natural sugars, antioxidants and loads of h20. It’s time to ditch those donuts and bagels!

With that being said, we’ve got a list of three foods which are guaranteed to fill you up with energy and aid in the release of hormones that make you feel super motivated and optimistic.

3. Fresh Organic Fruits For A Boost Of Energy

Believe it or not, processed carbs with added sugar in the form of baked goods and cereals do more harm to your body in the long run compared to the short burst of energy they provide.

You see, coupled with fiber, the natural simple sugars in fresh fruit are released gradually throughout the day preventing a sudden plunge in energy levels and moods.

A group of scientists from Imperial College London analyzed almost 100 different studies on the impact of consuming fruits and vegetables daily. What they found was simply astounding. Approximately 7.8 million premature deaths can be prevented yearly if people consumed 800 grams or 10 portions of fruits and vegetables every day.

Berries are naturally high in antioxidants but low in sugar, making them the perfect addition to any breakfast.

2. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables In A Smoothie

Nothing is as healthy or beneficial for the human body as essential nutrients and vitamins from natural sources like plants and vegetables.

Here’s the deal – you don’t have to munch on boring, earthy-tasting leaves all morning. A delicious combination of almond milk, protein powder, two handfuls of green leafy vegetables and two bananas comprise the perfect recipe for a delicious and healthy breakfast smoothie.

Essentially, blending and juicing vegetables aids in the release and breakdown of nutrients and minerals that can be absorbed by the body at a much faster and higher rate. Up to 80% of nutrients are absorbed from vegetables that are broken down into liquid form in comparison to eating it whole. It all boils down to predigestion.

However, if you prefer eating veggies whole, slap together a delicious caesar salad and throw in some fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. It won’t even take you more than 10 minutes!

1. Eggs And Cold Water Fish (Rich Sources Of Protein)

The rat race of life is incredibly stressful and it can take quite the toll on our bodies. As you may know, stress is a major contributing factor in illnesses of inflammation like arthritis, bursitis and so on.

Foods like eggs and fish are rich in branch chain amino acids like L-glutamine and fatty acids like Omega 3’s. These acids are known to reduce inflammation around the body and aid in the production and restoration of cells and tissue.

That’s why bodybuilders consume so much protein – to build stronger and bigger muscles after tearing them apart from working out.

Boil, scramble or poach an egg in the morning with a side of tuna, salmon or hake.