Things You Should Never Do on an Empty Stomach

The food we eat has a powerful influence on our mood and daily habits, but being hungry can also have a huge impact on how we feel. Here are some of the things you should avoid doing on an empty stomach.

Working Out

There are people who can do a HIIT workout on an empty stomach and if you’re one of them—good for you. Nevertheless, it’s best to snack on something before you go to the gym, otherwise, you might feel dizzy or tired during the workout.

Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is obviously a bad idea. Not only will the alcohol hit you faster, you’ll soon get even more hungry and might even feel sick.

Going to Sleep

Sure, we all know that eating before bedtime is a bad idea for so many different reasons. But going to bed hungry is not wise too, because you’ll have a hard time falling asleep. In this case, a glass of milk will can help solve the problem.

Going Food Shopping

It’s a well-known fact that shopping on an empty stomach is not a great idea. It’ll make you buy more food than you actually need, including high-calorie foods such as sweets or unhealthy snacks.