Things To See In Geneva Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is located on the shores of the largest lake in Switzerland, between the high alpine peaks and green hills. On Geneva Lake is 140 feet high fountain Jet d’Eau, a symbol of Geneva which can be seen from any point of the city. She has a rich tradition , magnificent architecture , attractive natural beauty.Geneva tourism destinationssourceGeneva, Switzerlandsourcelake-geneva-castlesource

Botanical Garden , is a picturesque corner which attracts lovers of the exotic nature from all points around the world. Botanical Garden was established in 1817th. All those who have visited this paradise will return again. Inside Botanical Garden is located famous Geneva Research Institute. For those who love science the door to the lab for research, library and herbarium park are always open.
In Geneva is located unusual floral which is made from 6500 flowers and its arrow has a length of 2.5 meters.botanicalgardenssourcebotanicalgardens source

The European headquarters of the United Nations
Construction of the Geneva Palace of Nations began In 1929 . This complex of buildings was built 9 in years. Long time building was used as a residence of the League of Nations, but in 1966 the building was transformed into the European headquarters of the United Nations – one of the most important habitats of international organization after the main office in New York. The palace has beautiful architecture which fits into the architecture of Geneva.The European headquarters of the United Nationssource

One of the main attractions  is Cathedral of St. Pierre . This is a very old cathedral and combine many European architecture styles. Cathedral is located on the highest point of the old town at an altitude of 404 meters. One of the most important exponents of the Cathedral of St. Pierre ‘s is presidential chair of President Calvin, located in the northern corridor . It belongs to John Calvin , the reformer of the church , who fled from Paris to Geneva.cathédrale_Saint-Pierresource

Rath Museum  is the oldest of all museums in Geneva. Also called “Temple of the Muses.” In its architecture museum combines Italian style and taste of France. In 1910 was decided that the museum will be expanded to become a major center for meetings of various art forms.Rath museum, Geneva Switzerlandsource

Mont Blanc Bridge – monument of architecture

mont blanc bridge geneva 1sourcemont blanc bridge genevasource