These Donation Based NYC Fitness Classes Will Change Your Routine for the Better

New York can be a price place to be, but it helps if you know some insider tricks. If you’re looking for ways to exercise and move without breaking the bank, definitely check out these two places.

Yoga to the People

Yoga to the People is a yoga organization that actually has studios all over the US and beyond! However, New York has quite a few of these studios all around New York, including the East Village, Upper West Side, Astoria in Queens, and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, which makes it very accessible wherever you are in New York. The only cost is if you rent a mat which is a low $2, and otherwise, you just give what you can!

Liberated Movement

For those people who love to dance, Liberated Movement is a group you should definitely check out. Their studio is located in Lower Manhattan and they offer many different classes several days of the week. From the standard contemporary and hip hop to ballet and contemporary Indian, Liberated Movement is an awesome organization that brings dance to anyone who needs it.

The best part is that all of their classes are an open level, which means you don’t need to have any experience dancing to go and enjoy yourself!