The Health Benefits of Sunshine and Vitamin D

Photo by A. L. on Unsplash

During the coronavirus, many of us have been spending most of our time inside and we’re doing whatever we can to get through the pandemic while staying healthy. There’s been an increased focus on sleep, healthy eating, and exercise, but you’re probably forgetting to add one important thing to your list—sunshine. Your body needs Vitamin D, which can only be gotten through supplements or the sun. Here are some of the advantages of spending time outside in the sun.

Better Body Composition & Bone Health

Vitamin D has been linked to improved muscle mass which can help your overall body composition. Vitamin D also helps you absorb calcium, which is essential to bone health.

Cancer Prevention & Lower Blood Pressure

To prevent skin cancer, you need to wear sunscreen. Studies have found that increased sun exposure has been associated with lower risks of colorectal, prostate, and breast cancer. Also, when sunlight touches your skin, your blood pressure levels are reduced and that lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Better Mood & Deeper Sleep

Sunlight’s been associated with an increase in serotonin which is associated with better moods and increased energy. Sun exposure during the day helps your body produce melatonin, a sleep hormone, and it helps your body recognize that it’s time to head to bed.