Read This Before You Toss Those Used Tea Bags

You probably already know that tea has its health benefits for you, but did you know that it can also be great for your yard as well? Read on to find out why you should keep your used tea bags and put those antioxidants back into the earth.

10. Lower Your Carbon Footprint

The opportunity to toss something in a compost pile instead of sending it to a landfill is a great opportunity to cut down your carbon footprint. Tea bags are biodegradable, so if you bury them in your yard, within six months they’ll be all mixed into the dirt.

9. They’re a Natural Fertilizer

Tea bags contain tannic acid, which starts to release into the soil as the tea leaves decompose. The tannic acid couples with antioxidants to become a natural fertilizing agent.

8. Feed the Worms

Worms are a necessary part of the composting process and you can make sure they have plenty to eat by leaving them some tea leaves to snack on. What comes out their other end is great for your soil.

7. Repel Bugs

Bugs hate the scent of tea, so keeping tea bags around your plants will prevent bugs from munching on them and ruining all your hard garden work. It’ll also improve your experience when you’re sitting the yard without having to use harsh bug repellents.

6. Keep Cats Away

Sprinkling tea leaves around plants also keeps bigger animals away… like cats. Cats have a tendency to pee on plants, but they won’t when there’s tea around. This works really great with indoor plants as well.

5. Make Your Compost Pile More Efficient

Adding tea bags to your compost pile will actually make the whole compost process move faster. The faster the food decomposes, the sooner it can join your soil as fertilizer.

4. Keep Your Plants Hydrated

Burying tea bags around the roots of your plants will help them retain and drink water. The more water the plants can access, the healthier they will be and the less you have to worry about them on those particularly warm days.

3. Feed Your Roses

Roses are one flower in particular that love tea leaves. When you first plant your rose bushes, plant some tea bags along with them to provide them with a healthy plant snack. They’ll grow extra beautifully to thank you for it.

2. Cut Down On Weeds

Weeds can be a huge hassle to get rid of after the fact since it’s hard to grab their roots. It’s much easier to prevent them out the gate. Burying tea bags in the soil around plants is an easy and efficient way to cut down on the pesky weeds that would otherwise sprout in those areas.

1. Perfect the Soil of Indoor Plants

For indoor plants to flourish, their soil needs to be the proper pH, and they actually prefer things to be a little more acidic. The natural acids in tea bags are an ideal addition alongside the extra nutrients they provide.