Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

pumpkin seeds oil

The pumpkin is a very healthy food product. The pumpkin seeds are also very healthy. In them there are 28% proteins, and they have healing properties for the leaver, and the skin. In the pumpkin seed there is a lots of zinc, you can eat a big amount of them, if you have seborrhea, dandruff, acne. From them you can make Pumpkin Seed oil, which is also very healthy.

The Pumpkin Seed oil is rich with vitamins, A, E, C. the fresh pumpkin seed oil consists more than 60% unsaturated fatty acids, that have a big role in maintaining the health.

The pumpkin seed oil has a positive effect on the liver, helps the patients with diseases of the prostate, stops the getting weight, improves the blood, lowers the cholesterol, and helps with cardiovascular diseases.pumpkin-health-benefits-sourcepumpkin seeds oilsource

How to make  Pumpkin Seed Oil

The pumpkin seed oil you can make at home. You only need pumpkin seed. Put the seed in baking bowl, and make sure they will not touch each other. Bake in a preheated oven 3-5 on 60 Degrees Celsius. Then take them out, and put them under a press, so the oil can be taken out. Put the oil in dark glass bowl.pumpkin seeds oil 1source

The pumpkin seed can be used in the cosmetics, as pure, or as an addition to masks and emulsions. Massage for the face from pumpkin seed: this is a refreshing mask, mix well 1 table spoon pumpkin seed oil, 1 tablespoon walnut oil, 1 spoon lemon juices, and apply on your face 30-40 minutes than wash your face.pumpkin seeds oil beauty must havesource