Puerta De Europa De Madrid,Spain


The gate of Europe puerta de Europe, Twin Towers Madrid, Spain). They are the first skyscrapers built tilted in postmodern style. Built in 1994, the towers are inclined to one another at an angle of 15 degrees. The towers have a height of 114 meters, and have 26 floors. In the construction materials used, are of the architecture of the tower in Pizza. puerta-de-europa-towerssourcepuerta-de-europa-towers-1source

Due to the successful design, composition architecture is unique. And the gate of Europe is a project of the American architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee with funds from Kuwait (company Kuwait Investments Office). The main difference between the grandiose architectural complex and Tower Pizza is that Tower Pizza falling from architectural reasons and Puerta Madrid is designed on that way. The opening of the tower took place in 1996.puerta-de-europa-towers-sourcepuerta-europa-1sourcela-puerta-de-europasourcepuerta-de-europa-de-madridspainsourcepuerta-europasource

On the roofs of skyscrapers are ultramodern colorful tracks for helicopters. One of the towers until recently was the financial conglomerate Caja Madrid. Another of the towers is owned by Spanish construction firm Realia, which has its logo on hundred meters height.