Parsnips is the Root Vegetable You Should Be Eating

Image by jkunnen/Depositphotos

Parsnips might look a little bit odd, but it’s full of nutritious benefits. The root originated in Eurasia and the ancient Romans cultivated it for hundreds of years. Now, many people eat them around the world and here’s why you should too.


Just like Berries, that contain a lot of antioxidants, so do parsnips. The antioxidants in parsnips help to decrease damage to your cells. That means that every time you eat a parsnip, you may be helping protect your body from chronic illnesses. 

Getting All the Fiber

Fiber is what keeps your gut healthy, and parsnips can aid in this. They contain what is known as insoluble and soluble fiber. Both fibers are needed to promote gut health, and by eating parsnips you get your daily fiber. Studies have shown that eating more fiber has helped people to naturally treat digestive issues like acid reflux. 

Vitamin C

One vitamin that parsnips are loaded with is Vitamin C. In order to have a healthy immune system, you need to ensure that you eat foods high in Vitamin C. One parsnip contains 25% of your needed daily intake. This will help your immune system to fight off pesky colds, and keep you healthy. 

Parsnips are delicious, so add them to your diet and reap the health rewards!