Most Popular Interior Design Styles

american colonial interior design

1. Interior Design in Moroccan style
The characteristic features of this style are: a mosaic of tiles, lots of carpets and textiles, exquisite wood carvings. Almost all African ornaments are used. Thanks to tadelakt finish the surface of the house is very smooth and look like marble. Also is produced furniture of tadelakt. The house covers a lot of lamps with stained glass shades. The main colors of this style: red, yellow, orange, white, green and blue.Home-Designs-Moroccan-FurnituresourceInterior Design in Moroccan stylesourceMultiple-architectural-details-curved-doorways-and-Moroccan-inspired-lights-shape-this-living-roomsource

2 Interior Design in Colonial Style
In this style dominated ethnic motives. Initially, these houses were almost colorless but over time are added gold paint, yellow, ocher, yellow-green and red-pink color. In the colonial style is preferably used wood. The house has an abundance of the elements of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. English furniture is selected.american colonial interior designsourceColonial-Style-Interior-Design-Decorating-Ideas-sourceInterior Design in Colonial Stylesource

3. Kitsch style in the interior
Kitsch – is a popular and exotic style interior. It is a riot of colors and a flight of fancy. But ideally it is better not to forget the sense of proportion and taste. The colors of this style: the majority of rich hues – pink to bright blue-and-yellow poisonous. Now in vogue red, gold and black colorKitsch style in the interior design 1sourceKitsch style in the interior designsource

4 Interior Design in Mexican style
Distinctive features of this style: patios, large pillars, bright interiors. Primary colors: a combination of orange and yellow, green and blue. In the courtyard – shady palm trees, huge cacti, perfectly complement the rich splendor and play of colors.Mexican-Style-Interior-DecoratingsourceMexican-Style-Interior-Decorating 1source

5.Country style in interior
Style, approximate to the village – quiet and cozy. There is no wealth like in previous styles. Furniture is rough and hard. In the design of this style are used floral tissue or cell. Dominated by materials such as wood, stone, design in country stylesourceinterior design in country stylesource