Most Famous Modern Buildings in the World

Museum of Contemporary Art niteroi Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Most Famous Modern Buildings in the World- Museum of  Modern Art New York
New York Museum of Modern Art opened in 1929. To its present location, he moved in 1938. Since then the collection, which holds works of art created no earlier than 1880, grew steadily, and in 2004 MoMA by Japanese architect Yossi Taniguchi built a new building, which is now in it self is a masterpiece of modern functional of contemporary art new yorksourcemuseum of contemporary art new york -modern buildingssource

 Modern Buildings-Museum of Contemporary Art Rio De Janeiro Brazil

UFO Museum of Modern Art is located in the city of Niteroi, Brazil and is one of its main attractions. The idea designer Oscar Niemeyer was this: “Once upon a time flying over the city of UFO admired the beauty of this place and decided to stay here forever, and landed at this place, marked the beginning of the Museum of Modern Art.” The height of the museum is 16 meters and the dome with a diameter of 50 meters has 3 floors.Museum of Contemporary Art niteroi Rio De Janeiro BrazilsourceMuseum of modern Art niteroi Rio De Janeiro Brazilsource

Hans Scharoun Berlin Philharmonic

The Berlin Philharmonic (German Berliner Philharmonie) – one of the most famous concert halls in Berlin on the area Kemperplats (German Kemperplatz) in Berlin’s Tiergarten district. Philharmonic Hall was built for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in the years 1960-1963 by the architect Hans Scharoun Bernhard and inaugurated October 15, 1963. The Berlin Philharmonic was the first construction project in Berlin culture forum. In the years 1984-1987 near the Berlin Philharmonic under the original intent Scharoun designed by architect Edgar Visnievski Hall was built chamber music, connecting with the building of the Philharmonic.hans scharoun berlin philharmonic-modern buildingsourcehans scharoun berlin philharmonic-modern building 1source

Saarinen Twa Flight Center

Finnish-born American architect Eero Saarinen, son of the famous architect Eliel Saarinen, built a surprisingly light on the form of the terminal for the now-defunct airline TWA. Recently, the building became the property of airline JetBlue, which has built him a large new terminal. And if there is an old itself, encountering rare connoisseurs of architecture for its ideal beams shells. Saarinen himself, unfortunately, never was unable to fly away from here, he died in 1961, the year.Saarinen Twa Flight Center sourceSaarinen Twa Flight Center-modern buildingsource