MCT Oil Is The Health Trend Everyone’s Talking About

Photo: jacentas.keto.journey/Instagram

MCT oil, or medium-chain triglyceride oil, is in most cases derived from coconuts. This is one of the latest health trends that everyone is going crazy over.

There are several different types, all of which have very promising benefits. It’s true that this oil is a fairly new trend, but all the research so far shows that it’s completely safe to use. People mostly add it in their food and drinks.

Helps With Weight Loss

The way that MCT oil helps with weight loss is by releasing hormones which promote that action. The two most important are leptin and peptide YY. Ketones are the substances that boost the metabolism, which reportedly results with rapid weight loss.

Improves Brain Function

This is an oil that is immediately absorbed in the brain, which means more energy at a faster pace. It is made of medium-length chains that are easier to use without going through a process of transformation.

Improved Gut Health

As you already know, our whole health depends on the gut. MCT oil has the ability to stimulate the growth of good bacteria. Thanks to that action it also prevents a number of digestive diseases.

Fights Against Bacteria

Antibacterial properties are very important in a natural remedy. It means that this oil can prevent bacteria to cause inflammation and infection.