Kids Room Design Ideas


If your children are almost the same age, the difference between them is not greater than 4-6 years, then you can dedicate a room for them and without separate space for each child. You can make separate spaces in the kids room for games, leisure and learning, because probably boys will play together. If the children are small and do not go to school, better is to devote biggest space of the room for games. In the room should not have allot furniture because the space for the games would be smaller and the children could be hurt.The bed must occupy minimal space, because there children will only spend a few hours while sleep. The optimal result will be a bed on two floors or bed with slid. On that way you will save a lot of kids room design ideassourceideas-for-teenage-girls-room-kids-room-design-ideas-for-girls-source

For room for children in school and preschool age often are use thematic ideas:
1. Nautical theme kids room design ideas . The main colors: blue, light blue, white and red. As additional decorative elements can be used starfish, ropes, ship models,

2. Nature, travel theme kids room design ideas
Nature theme is suitable for children of both sexes. This topic is recommended for room with 2 children. The main color of the room: beige, blue, green, yellow. Accessories set: bright pictures of animals, aquarium, yellow lights – the symbol of the sun.

Amazing-Natural-Style-Minecraft-Kid-Bedroom-Interior-Design-Idea-Picturekids room design ideassourceCool-Bedroom-Ceiling-Interior-Design-With-Outer-Space-Theme-For-Childrens-Bedroom-Decorating-Ideassource

3. Kids room design ideas -Topic technique Theme
Every kid has a passion like cars, trains, planes, spaceships, tanks. For this theme can be used any color. Accessories for he room: big toys, bright posters, handmade wooden room airplane bed design ideas

4. Kids room design ideas -Sport theme
Colors in this room depends of the sport. If a child loves football use green color. If child loves skiing, snowboarding blue and white. The same goes for accessories.stunning-kids-sports-bedrooms-also-kids-sports-bedroom-ideassourcekids sport room ideassource

5. Theme from the cartoons or favorite book
Often this theme is most favorite among children. Room can be in all colors. Accessories: children favorite heroes.spiderman-down-lit-boys-roomsourceastounding-lighting-ideas-beautify-hello-kitty-bedroom-design-that-also-completed-with-pretty-furniture-setssourcekids room design ideas source