Keep Your Mental Health In Check with Timothy Goodman

Typography artist, Timothy Goodman, blurs the line between art and therapy. His chosen words – seen across a plethora of mediums (anything from packaging and clothes to buildings and cars) – cut to the chase, providing a catalyzer for dialogues about difficult topics such as love, heartbreak, politics, race, and mental health.

“Reminder,” reads a recent piece by Goodman, shared on Instagram, “‘Success’ does not equate to happiness or good mental health”. “A lot of designers try to impress other designers with the obscure stuff,” explained Goodman in an interview with Magenta. “I think maybe early on I thought that was cool, but I no longer find that interesting or compelling. I want to make work that resonates with a lot of people.”

His are isn’t aimed at other designers, but rather at people at large, with his words clearly resonating with his many (many!) followers online. According to Goodman, his greatest joy as a designer and an artist is his ability to connect to other humans emotionally through his work and words.

“I hate those quotes about loving what you do, but it’s true,” he notes. “When you’re stimulated by your work and you’re running a business for yourself, it doesn’t really feel like work; you’re just doing it.”

His Instagram page will provide you some comfort in these uncertain days.