Is Frozen Yogurt Healthier Than Ice Cream?

We’re always looking for healthier alternatives to our favorite treats and frozen yogurt is a dessert we can get behind. It’s supposed to be healthier than ice cream, but is it actually better for you? How can frozen yogurt possibly be a better alternative when you pile on all the delicious toppings?

Frozen Yogurt vs. Ice Cream?

Frozen yogurt and ice cream both are milk-based, which means they have around the same amount of protein and sugar. But, ice cream is usually made with cream or milk fat, which makes it higher in fat and saturated fat. Frozen yogurt is made from milk fermented with yogurt cultures, which means it has about the same amount of fat as a glass of low-fat milk. To compensate for lower fat content, many brands add extra sugar to frozen yogurt to make it creamier.

A half-cup serving of frozen yogurt is around 110 calories, which is about 25% less than there are in ice cream. If you’re anything like us, when we go to froyo places, we dump the toppings on. Candy pieces, brownies, M&Ms, fudge, Reeses’, fruits, nuts, if it’s there, it’s probably on top of our froyo. In addition to these toppings, the flavors of frozen yogurt also affect how healthy it is as many of them have lots of sugar added.

Can Frozen Yogurt Be Healthy?

Opt for plain yogurt or options that are low in fat and sugar. When plain, non-fat Greek froyo is available, choose it. Don’t feel obligated to fill the whole bowl up, as the serving size is half a cup. In regards to toppings, if you must add them choose fresh fruits, plain nuts, all-natural peanut butter, or honey. There are also healthier options available at supermarkets which already take into account portion size and are usually higher in protein. Check out Yasso frozen yogurt bars, Outshine simply yogurt bars, and Blue Bunny frozen yogurt.