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Bedroom is an intimate room. It is an island of comfort and peace. There you can escape from prying eyes, enjoy and rest in silence.In the bedroom , we start and ends the day. This is the place where we spend most of the time . To decorate the bedroom by your self is not a difficult task, you just need little fantasy. On background of your bedroom you can put boards and paint them. Put bookshelves, books will always be at hand. You can set background with lights in which you will enjoy while the rest. Wall behind the bed you can decorate it with inscription that you like. You can attach plates on the walls, place your favorite details.

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Insanely DIY Ideas For Bedroominsanely-diy-ideas-for-bedroomsource

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Bedroom Wall Decorating IdeasBedroom Wall Decorating Ideas Home Design Ideas for Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideassource

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