Indoor Swimming Pool Design


Swimming pool in the house is not a surprise. Swimming pool can be outdoor, indoor or portable folding . Size and layout of the pool depends on personal preference, financial opportunities and of course, how many people will use it.Indoor swimming pool within the home has not seasonal character, and time of use is throughout the year. Also maintaining of the indoor pool is easier due to the absence of external factors.Room with pool and bath are considered for wet places.

Indoor Swimming Pool Design for Your Home



Therefore , you should choose materials resistant to moisture. During the maintenance of the pool do not forget to care for reducing humidity and preventing the formation of mold , corrosion and other effects harmful effects of high humidity . This problem is solved by incorporating the proper set dehumidifier which keeps the relative humidity around 60 %. Special specificity for indoor pools is evaporating chemicals with which is treated water in the pool . The biggest problem is that chlorine penetrates in the walls and with its corrosive effect damage the building . Because of all these facts indoor swimming pools must have appropriate air conditioning.Indoor-Swimming-Pool-Design-Ideas-For-Your-Home-sourceindoor-swimming-pool-designs-ideas-with-fantasy-dome-with-graffiti-also-moderm-pool-and-best-indoor-poolsourceLuxury-Indoor-Pools deas_source

Dehumidifiers is something necessary for the indoor pool . They dry and warms the air. Due to the specific micro-climate conditions prevailing in the room where the pool is built , during the design , and later during construction should take care of the warmth isolation and hydro-isolation, alignment with the rest of the house and of course the selection of appropriate building materials . You should know that the air temperature in the room where the pool is, should be at least 2 degree higher than desired water temperature.Luxury-Indoor-Swiming-Pool-in-The-Best-Room-Interior-Design-For-The-Famous-Home-Design-Ideas-sourceinterior of the swimming poolsourcemodern-poolsource-swimming-pool-design-house-sourceIndoor-Swimming-Pool-For-HomessourceIndoor-Swimming-Pool-For-Homes 1sourceBrilliant-pendant-lights-illuminate-the-indoor-poolsource