How to Make Your Face Mask More Comfortable

Around the world restrictions regarding social distancing are easing up, but people are still required to wear face masks when leaving their houses. One of the issues with face masks is that you have to constantly adjust them and they become uncomfortable after wearing them for a long period of time. These tips will help make your face mask more wearable.

Wear a Button Headband

If your face mask loops around your ears, the skin on the top of your ears can get sore. The solution to this is to wear a wide headband that fits over your ears and to attach buttons to the side of it so you can loop the mask around the buttons instead of your ears.

Choose 100% Cotton

While wearing face masks it’s easy to feel claustrophobic, but with a cotton one it’s much more breathable.

Change Styles

Try swapping the style between face masks that loop over the top of your ears and one that ties in the back.


Before you put your mask on, moisturize your skin and try and avoid wearing heavy makeup under your mask, which can make the fabric dry and make it harder for air to flow through the mask.

Wear an Ear Guard

Ear guards will keep your mask loops from rubbing on your ears and all you have to do is attach the loops to the end of the plastic ear guards which rests on the back of your head.