How To Choose A Carpet For Your Home

carpet for living room

For the home to become warm and comfortable place, except furniture in it should be different accessories. Comfort and warmth in our home carries carpet.Carpet is one of the oldest inventions for decorating and home heating.

How to choose a carpet ?
Carpet can be selected depending on the room.If you want to visually increase the room use carpets with bright colors and diagonal images.Carpets are divided into small medium and large.Small carpets usually are placed under the bed, chair and drawing attention creating a sentiment for a comfortable place. Medium sized rugs highlight desired zone, zone in daily room for example.Carpet greater than 2.5 meters are not recommended because all attention will be focused on it.In the hallway is best to choose a carpet with rubber basis. This carpet will serve you longer, and the pictures of the carpet will cover the dirty parts.How To Choose A Carpet for your homesourceHow-to-Choose-the-Perfect-Carpet-for-Your-Home-source

How to choose a carpet for Bedroom?

In the bedroom usually is placed woolen carpet. Тhanks to such a carpet in the bedroom will always be comfortable.For the bedroom is best to choose a carpet in a bright color. If you don’t like a carpet you can place small pats on booth sides of the bed. Don’t place big carpet in the bedroom.2016-Luxurious-Bedroom-Furniture-in-Elegant-Design-with-Carpet-FlooringsourceFascinating-bedroom-with-wooden-flooring-and-carpet-ideasource

How to choose a carpet for Livin Room?

In living room will suits carpet with strong colors if the furniture is not in strong color. Carpets for living room from natural materials usually are made of wool, silk and animal fur.

carpet for living room sourcecarpet for living room 1source

How to choose a carpet for Kids Room ?

Carpet in the kids room should be soft, warm and comfortable because children spend most of the time playing on the floor. It is very important that the carpet in the children’s room can be cleaned easily. If has long hair creates additional problems.For the children’s room is best to choose a rug with vivid colors and simple images.Bedroom-Paint-Colors-Trendy-Wall-Paint-Color-Schemes-Best-Wall-Painting-Ideas-For-Kids-Room-pink carpetsourceModern-kids-room-2016-Wardrobe-deisgn-childrens-room-tile-ideas-half-blue-wall-decor-color-small-computer-desk-and-bookcase-green-kids-room-nightstansource