High-Calorie Vegan Foods That Are Also Super-Healthy

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There are so many high-calorie vegan foods that people try to stay away from. The thing is that these choices are very healthy and contain all the nutrients you need.


Avocados are vegan foods that are packed in the healthy type of fats. Aside from that, avocados contain fiber, Vitamin C, potassium and so much more. This is definitely a fruit you want in your life.


Sweet Potatoes

Eating vegan foods doesn’t mean that your dishes will be boring. On the contrary, you can still enjoy high-calorie foods but get plenty of important nutrients as well.


Quinoa is one of the best sources of protein out there. Most of the amino acids it delivers are essential to the body since it cannot produce them. It is also rich in fiber and many macronutrients.


Yes, nuts are vegan and high-calorie. But they will only help you gain good weight. Since nuts are packed in essential nutrients you can enjoy the different types of nuts as snacks, include in main courses and get extra energy from them. Walnuts, cashews, almonds are just a part of the choices.

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Pega essa dica: próxima vez que fores a algum lugar onde o preço das nuts (castanhas em geral) for super acessível, compre tudo o que puderes. 😬🙈 Chegue em casa, embale em porções menores (200/300g) dentro de embalagens hermeticamente fechadas e armazene no freezer por alguns meses. As nuts, por terem um baixo teor de água podem ser congeladas sem prejudicar o valor nutricional, a textura e o sabor. Pelo contrário até: o congelamento previne a oxidação dos óleos naturais das castanhas, evitando o sabor de ranço. Não é demais essa #dica do @naturalgourmetinstitute? Nunca tinha pensado nisso! Logo eu, #aloucadocongelador! 👌🏻🌰❄️😉 #dicadanutri #dicadongi #castanhas #nuts #pulodogato #healthytips . “Because nuts do not contain a lot of water, they can be frozen for quite some time without causing damage to their basic structure or flavor. The cool temperatures of the fridge or freezer slow down the nuts from staling and prevents them from rancidity. Plus, the dark space further protects the nuts from light damage.”

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Olive Oil

A quality extra virgin olive oil can do so much good for your cooking. The healthy monounsaturated fats it contains can improve the levels of sugar in the blood.