Here’s Why You Should Never Skip Your Lunch Break

Photo by Francisca Alvarez on Unsplash

Your lunch break is a unique opportunity to get some rest during work hours and it’s something you should never skip, no matter how busy you are.

Many people use their lunch breaks to catch up with work, finish some private things, or scroll through social media, but that can leave consequences you don’t want. Here’s why a break is so important.

Plug Off

Half an hour away from the screen and work can do wonders for your mental health. If you can, it’s best to spend your break outside. Have lunch in the park or go for a walk, but whatever you do, don’t spend it at your desk.

Happy News

You can listen to a positive podcast on your walk, call a friend or family member, or just think about the good things that happened recently.

Eat Slowly

The most obvious thing to do on your lunch break is to have lunch. Make sure you’re choosing a nutritionally balanced meal and eat it slowly and mindfully.


If you can’t go for a walk because of the weather or any other reason, at least do some stretching and light exercise next to your desk. Your back, neck, and legs will thank you.