Grunge Style in Interior Design


Grunge style in the interior. Main idea of the grunge style in the interior is replacement of expensive pieces of furniture and decorative elements with more accessible prototypes but not lower quality, and creating space for a simplified classical canons using simple and expressive means. In this interior perfectly match the new furniture with the “older generation”.grunge style in interior designsourcewhite engineered wood flooringsource

Furniture in grunge style – artificially aged expensive new furniture, made in the old style.
Things in the grunge style – respectable, cozy and functional and also have a long life. Preference are given to wood, linen, cotton fabrics but only high quality. Another feature is the formation of upholstered furniture ( places to socialize and relax.) The ceiling in the interior grunge style is mainly white, with no extra frames and sockets._room-decor-ideas-living-room-decor-ideas-for-home-interiors-luxury-living-room-luxury-interior-design-living-room-ideassourcegrunge-style-in-interior-design-3sourcegrunge-style-in-interior-design-4source

5 main features by which you can define the style of grunge in the interior:
1. Common reference stylistic trends – classic, but without the pretentiousness, undue luxury and expensive finishes such as gilding, carving and polishing.
2. The absence of some negligence, typical country style as originally grunge – it is rather an adaptation of urban interior.
3. Furniture preferably made of teak wood and painted in bright colors – round tables, console shelves, bookcases under glass
4. The common area has a free plan and is focused on the creation of small towns to stay.
5. Mainly uses natural, eco-friendly materials – wood, cotton, flax, but all of the highest quality.grunge-style-in-interior-design-5sourcegrunge-style-in-interior-design-6sourcegrunge-style-in-interior-design-7sourcegrunge-style-in-interior-design-8sourcegrunge-style-in-interior-design-9sourcegrunge-style-in-interior-design-10source