Free Things You Can Get With Your COVID Vaccine

Free things you can get after you're COVID vaccination.
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Do you really need more reasons to get vaccinated? Well, states and businesses are offering rewards to encourage people to get vaccinated and stop COVID from spreading. These incentives are pretty amazing and here’s what you can get along with getting your vaccine.

Free Money

Some companies are offering paid time off or cash bonuses for employees who get the vaccine. CVS pharmacies at Target are giving $5 Target gift cards when you get vaccinated there. If you post your vaccine pic to Instagram and tag it #DropCovid and @JoinDrop you’ll get $50 in credit to the e-commerce site.

Free Fun

There are tons of states offering free things to those who’ve been vaccinated like New Yorkers who’ve gotten their Johnson & Johnson shot will get a free ticket to Yankee Stadium or Citi Field for a future game, California is offering free surfboard, paddleboard, or snorkel rentals, and Chicago has free outdoor concerts this month. The NFL is giving away 50 free tickets to the 2022 Super Bowl to those who’ve been vaccinated.

Free Food & Drinks

Budweiser is giving free beer to those who’ve gotten at least one dose of the vaccine before May 16. Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts to those who show proof of vaccination and Whistle Castle’s Vax for Snacks program allows you to get a free dessert on a stick through May 31.