Flip House in San Francisco, by Fougeron


Located in San Francisco, California, Flip house impresses with its striking modern design. Recently the house has a new look thanks to the architectural firm Fougeron, which gave it a whole new modern look. Thanks to the glass facades, the house fit into the beautiful surrounding landscape.Flip House in San Francisco,  by Fougeronsource

The first thing that draws attention to this house, it is a glass facade in the shape of faces.”Faceted” windows create an interesting visual effect, not only for pedestrians, but also for the residents of the house. Glass facades are composed of three vertical panels, which create a dynamic look. All three floors inside of the house was connected with the dark metal punched stairs. In sleeping rooms are small windows which provide to facilities private character. In the reconstructed building the kitchen, a dining room and a living-room have been incorporated in one space.Flip House in San Francisco,  by Fougeron 2sourceFlip-House-in-San-Francisco-by-Fougeron-Architecture 1sourceFlip-House-in-San-Francisco-by-Fougeron-Architecture 2sourceFlip-House-mydailymagazinesourceFlip-House-in-San-Francisco-by-Fougeron-ArchitecturesourceFlip-House-in-San-Francisco-by-Fougeron-Architecture 3sourceFlip-House-mydailymagazine source