Five Tips For Going From Zero To Hero At The Bar

Have you ever felt judged because of the kinds of bars that you frequent or the kind of beer you drink? Well, there’s hope for you! We’re gonna tell you how to go from being the laughing stock of your beer buddies to being the coolest person in the room with these simple bar hacks that’ll cover everything from basic etiquette in a new place to ordering a drink with confidence.

5. Just love this ol’ bar

The first step towards getting a fine sip of alcohol in your town is going to a legit bar. Anything with flashing neon lights, frat bros puking everywhere, and bedroom DJs spinning the same Top 40 jams over and over again while commanding you to put your hands up just won’t do. Try going for something that won’t give you a migraine while you drink such as a bar with a bit of class or a bar for the average Joe (or Jane.) Think of the bar from Cheers and find a match.

4. Bartenders listen when you talk

Before heading to the bar, you have to understand there are some unspoken rules. Bars can become packed at times, and trying to get some help can be a hassle. Just be cool and simply lock eyes with the nearest bartender. Be sure to know what you want when asked. Nothing is more aggravating than a drinker who has no idea what they want to drink. It’s also a great idea to have a backup beverage in mind in case what you want isn’t available at the time.

3. The drink of shame

There may be a time when you step out of your comfort zone and order a new beer. Situations like this are always hit or miss, but if it’s a complete disaster, you’re basically stuck with your decision. Bartenders aren’t that happy when people decide to send a drink back because of its taste. There are various legit reasons to return a drink, including being served the wrong drink, sipping out of a chipped glass, or green flames shooting out of your drink accompanied by a dark figure hellbent on taking over the universe with your help.

2. I’m taking what they’re giving ’cause I’m workin’ for a livin’

Bartenders tend to make somewhere around $7 an hour, but with odd hours every week, they don’t make enough. Tipping your bartender is always a courteous way to show appreciation, especially if you’re looking to become a regular at the bar. Tipping $1 or $2 for every drink will go a long way.

1. So many choices, so little time

There are several pointers for ordering drinks that you must know. Do not be afraid to order wine because it’s the best choice for those trying to not get intoxicated in record time. Make sure that your tequila is made from 100 percent blue agave; anything less than that will lead to regret. Scotch and whiskey are two different kinds of beasts at the bar, so don’t confuse the two. Also, don’t be afraid to just order a simple can of beer. Bartenders won’t mock you for that. They might mock you for your Ford Pinto, though.