Five Tips For Avoiding Heartburn and Keeping Your Tummy Happy

Photo by Tharakorn/Depositphotos

From time to time, everyone suffers from a little bit of heartburn. More often than not, it is nothing to worry about and is associated with no problematic underlying causes. Still, heartburn can be uncomfortable and avoiding it is preferable. Here are some tips for keeping your tummy happy.

Keep Portions Small

When indulging in a rich dessert, keep portions small. If you are planning on having a weekend binge, sip water in between and don’t eat a big portion in one sitting. Spacing it out is better for digestion.

Eat Little and Often

Eating little and often is a good way to keep your tummy happy. If you get groggy after eating, reducing your portion sizes and eating light meals throughout the day should improve digestion and boost your energy levels.

Don’t Eat Before Bedtime

To avoid late-night discomfort, tuck into your last meal at least two hours before bedtime. It’s best to have your last drink around this time too. That way, your sleep cycle isn’t disturbed by digestion.

Eat Mindfully

Often, we eat our meals quickly before moving onto the next task at hand. Making the time to eat our meals slowly can improve our health. Chew mindfully and savor each mouthful. Make mealtimes synonymous with me-time.

Avoid Fizzy Drinks and Spicy Foods

If you suffer from heartburn often, it might be sensible to cut back on fizzy drinks and spicy foods. Fatty foods and smoking are also major causes of heartburn.