Feeling Stressed? Try Organizing These 5 Things

Photo by Irene Kredenets on Unsplash

During these uncertain times, feeling stressed seems to be happening more and more frequently. And one of the productive things we tend to do when we’re stressed is clean. Tidying up can help us feel a sense of control and it’s soothing, but some organization projects leave us feeling more stressed. Here are the best things to stress-organize.

Kitchen Utensil Drawer

Start small when you’re feeling stressed, like a drawer. This shouldn’t take long and you’ll feel accomplished when you finish. Next time you cook dinner, you’ll be glad you reorganized your kitchen utensils drawer.

Linen Closet

Repetitive actions like folding bath towels or bedding can be soothing. Try arranging them in rainbow order for a nice visual effect.


This small surface shouldn’t take too long to tackle and clearing out the space by your bed may help you sleep better.

Cell Phone

During these times you probably have been scrolling through social media and the news, so take the time to delete and organize apps.

Clear Out Your Purse

Clearing out old receipts and loose change shouldn’t take that long and it will be easier to find everything you need next time you’re out.