Fashion Must-Haves For Your Spring /Summer Wardrobe


Dear Fashionable girls, I dedicate today’s article on Fashion Must-Haves for your Spring /Summer Wardrobe.Fashion Must Haves for your Spring Summer Wardrobesource

1.Fashion Must-Haves For Your Spring /Summer Wardrobe  Flared jeans spring summer 2016;

These jeans are again on the fashion floors. It is a piece of clothes that should be in every fashionable girl’s wardrobe this spring. You can easily combine them with a blazer and if you combine them well you can wear them to workThe-Best-Flared-Jeans-For-2016-sourceThe-Best-Flared-Jeans-For-2016- 1source

2.Fashion Must-Haves For Your Spring /Summer Wardrobe -Striped dresses

Striped is in trend this spring in almost every piece of clothes of the women’s wardrobe. Striped colors are not only black-white or red-white, the fashion shows in 2016 show that the prints can be in any color as well as all of the combination. Horizontal striped is extremely dangerous because it can visually enlarge your figure, if you haven’t properly chosen. In trend are striped dresses with different lengths shape. The best is the dress that will hide all the flaws of your figurehow to wear a striped dresssourcehow to wear a striped dress 1source

3.Fashion Must-Haves For Your Spring /Summer Wardrobe- Trench coats

Women Trench coats are very practical and comfortable and you can wear them in any time of the day. Trench coats are practical, and easy to combine with jeans, pants, business style or cocktail dress.cute outfit ideas with trench coatssourceTrench-Coat-with-White-Pantssource

4. Flat shoes spring/summer trend 2016

This spring /summer Flat are a must Have in every fashionable girls’ wardrobe, no difference if she goes to work or to a walk. Flat ballet shoes in different colors and styles will satisfy even the pickiest fashionable girls.The-Best-Flared-Jeans-For-2016- 1sourceFashion Must Haves for your Spring Summer Wardrobe 1source

5. Fashion Must-Haves For Your Spring /Summer Wardrobe-Handbags

Without a handbag none fashionable girls cannot imagine herself. While some designers advice the modern woman to carry the handbags in the hands, others complete the handbags with long handles with which you can carry the handbag on your shoulders. Handbags with long handles can be in different shapes._handbag_trends_bags_with_top_handlessourcespring_summer_2016_handbag_trends_reptile_skin_bagssource