Famous Fountains In The World

fountain of wealth singapore 1

The fountain complex Dubai Fountain (Dubai) – the largest and most expensive

2009 in the city held the official opening of the largest and most expensive water fountains in the world, or rather a complex located on an artificial lake. Total for the construction of the Dubai giant, whose size is equal to the area of three football fields, have been spent a record 218 million $. After opening the Dubai Fountain joined to the list of the world’s dancing fountains. Repertoire includes classical, Arabic pop music, and on different song the Fountain “perform” a different dance. At night, the light show can be seen at a distance of 30 km, and they say it can be seen even from space.The.Dubai.FountainsourceDubai Fountainsource

Fountain “Moon Rainbow” (Seoul) – the longest bridge

Seoul Banpo Bridge connects the shore of the Han River. With the advent of its unusual fountain “Moon Rainbow”, he immediately became one of the city’s main attractions and even managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records.Fountain Moon Rainbow (Seoul)sourceFountain Moon Rainbow (Seoul) 1source

Floating Fountains (Osaka)

The idea of creating them belonged to the Japanese-American architect Isamu Noguchi, and the opening was timed to the World Expo 1970 in Osaka. The main theme of the exhibition was progress so autor wanted to create something that would have struck the imagination of the audience and demonstrated the achieved technological level. The secret of the fountains is their support that is hidden under the water, and thus is completely transparent, making the illusion with  water.Floating Fountains (Osaka)source

Mercury Fountain (Barcelona)

Looking from afar at the small fountain that today is stored under a protective glass in Barcelona Foundation Joan Miro museum. Instead of a water fountain flowing mercury – the only metal that has the liquid state at room temperature.Mercury Fountain (Barcelona)source

Fountain of Wealth (Singapore) – a fountain, built according to Feng Shui

Bagel on legs “and” basketball hoop “. nicknames for famous Singapore fountain of wealth, in 1998 inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world.fountain of wealth singapore 1 sourceThe-Fountain-of-Wealth-by-Glen-Obejera-Espinosasource

Fountain of Bellagio (Las Vegas) – the most famous dancing fountains of America

Bellagio fountain was launched at October 15, 1998, the opening day of the nearby hotel-casino with the same name. Cost for construction of the fountain is 40 million $. But the money is not wasted, as the Bellagio become an indispensable item of the program for all the tourists who come to see the daily performances, which perform on classical music as well as songs by Elton John, Madonna and Whitney Houston. By the way, is associated with a fountain,  a romantic legend that says  if you make a marriage proposal near the Bellagio, then the marriage will be long and happy.Sunset-Fountain-Show-Bellagio-Las-Vegas Fountains of Bellagio

Crown Fountain (Chicago) 

2004 in the Chicago Park “Millennium” was discovered unusual art object, that combines an interactive fountains  and video sculpture. The author of the project was a Catalan artist Jaume Plensa.crown fountain chicagosourceChicago_-_Crown_Fountain_-_Millennium_Park_source

Fountains of Peterhof (St. Petersburg) – the most luxurious

Cascade fountains in Peterhof is considered one of the most luxurious and most sophisticated in the world
The idea of creating Peterhof fountains belonged to Peter I.st-petersburg-peterhoff-fountainssource

Trevi Fountain (Rome) 

Rome is often called the capital of fountains, where the title of King firmly is entrenched behind the legendary Trevi,  one of the main attractions of the Italian capital, as well as one of the most visited fountains in the world.trevi fountain romesourceTrevi_Fountain,_Rome,_Italy_source