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Every fashionable girl wants to look nice and impressive every day. To rich this goal, she ahs the makeup for help. Everyday makeup should hide the flaws of the skin emphasize the lines of the face and to make the eyes more impressive. The main rule is not to exaggerate. The best foundation for everyday makeup is a healthy skin. everyday makeup tutorials -facesourceeveryday makeup tutorials-basic contur makeupsource

Because of that, before applying makeup you need to nourish your skin. The preparation for the face for the makeup consists of washing the face, than applying tonic or toner and moistures crème. To hide the flaws apply concealer. Then you can apply tonal crème, which has to be in the same tone and your face. Then your face will look natural. At the end apply foundation. If you have a greasy skin use mat foundation. You can refresh your face with the help of lush. Don’t use too much strong colors or too much lush.everyday makeup tutorialssourceeveryday makeup tutorials -mydailymagazinesource

Proper everyday make up for the eyes should not be very strong and even it is made on a foundation of dark shadows. Your goal is to hide your flaws and emphasize your advantages with the make up.Elegant-Silver-Eye-Makeup-Tutorialsourceeveryday makeup tutorials -green eyessource

Apply lipstick or lip gloss. Use lipstick or lip gloss in neutral color. Try not to use lip crayon or strong colors during the days. Blend gently the lips with napkin to remove the extra lipstick or lip gloss.everyday makeup lipstick sourceeveryday makeup lipstick -apply lipstick step by stepsource

everyday makeup tutorials

everyday makeup lipsticksourceeveryday makeup tutorials -mydailymagazine sourceeveryday makeup tutorials -mydailymagazine 2sourceeveryday makeup tutorials -mydailymagazine source