Diy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces


All those who live in a small apartment are facing with place shortage for their stuff. In our article we will show you some diy storage ideas for small spaces and how can you make your small apartment a comfortable place for living and in the same time your stuff to be properly stored. If stairs are located in the entrance hall, organize the space under stairs as on the picture. You can make a small wardrobe in the hallway, where you can store your things which use on daily under stairssource-hallway-for-all-the-familysource

Workspace under stairs.workspace-under-stairssource

The space under the stairs can use as kitchen. Lovely ideaspace under the stairs can use as kitchensource

Above the bed in a living room install shelves on which you can put your stuff. But don’t put very heavy items.Diy storage ideas for small spacessource

Closet in kids room replace with bed with drawer. Above workplace install bookshelf.

In built-in cabinet in the kids room make a working place for your child.stunning-children-shared-room-design-with-orange-bedding-set-plus-drawer-storage-underneath-also-orange-yellow-cabinet-as-well-study-table-on-floor-beside-source

If the ceiling height is greater that extra space can be used as a repository for many things. In our case the space is used as storage for books.used as storage for bookssource

In the window insert shelf which can be used like storage for your cutlery.Diy storage ideas for small spaces 1source

In the living room around TV install shelves. These shelves can be used to post your stuff. Like storage places can serve boxes in which you can hide your things.Storage-solutions-for-small-spaces---living-roomsource

The space around the bed use it as a library for storing things.simple-living-room-stoage-ideas-source

Diy storage ideas for small spacesunder-stairs-storage-solutionsource