DIY Projects That Bring Wood Pallets To The Bathroom In Big Ways!

Have you ever stepped into your bathroom and thought about doing a makeover? With some simple (and cheap) wood pallets, you can give any bathroom in your house the unforgettable makeover it desperately needs.

Here are a handful of projects for crafty DIY-ers of any level. Don’t be intimidated, you’ve got a bathroom to shape up!

A Sign Of The Times

Most people have a generic piece of artwork or thoughtful quote hanging on their bathroom wall, but if you’re looking to spice things up, you can add this cool bathroom sign. Having it on the door would make it a bit easier for guests to determine where the restroom is located in your home. You wouldn’t want them accidentally barging in on your room while you’re watching reruns of Hogan’s Heroes.

Stand In The Place Where You Live

Are you one of those people that simply love reading in the bathroom? Well, you can build a great magazine stand to help keep those issues of In Touch Weekly and Rolling Stone in a very safe place. You can also place a tiny flat screen TV on the top of the stand if you’re looking to catch up on your shows, but just remember that sitting on the can too long can lead to problems, so don’t get too comfortable.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

If you want to change your vanity setup, you could construct something like what you see here our of wood pallets for a fresh look. You’ll want to take a bit more care here — obviously, there’s the plumbing you’ll have to work around, and you’ll want to seal everything up properly so the pallets don’t warp from water exposure. But one look at this thing and it’s just so obviously worth it, isn’t it?

Starting From Scratch

If your bathroom isn’t already equipped with a cabinet to place your toiletries, you can simply build one from the ground up. If you have a slew of grotesque wires that make the bathroom look less than inviting, simply create the cabinet around them. You can cut a small hole in the back to safely insert the wires.

Multi-purpose furniture is a boon to every room, and using wood pallets is a great way to construct something on the cheap that’ll completely change your bathroom.

Let Me Get You A Towel

There’s nothing worse than having to lay wet towels on the tub due to a lack of a towel rack. One slip on the floor due to water from a drippy towel can lead to serious injuries! Building a sturdy rack will ensure you those towels will never cause a slippery accident ever again. You’d still have to worry about your roommates or family members using your personalized towel by accident, though. All in all, it’s best to rotate those towels often!

Break The Walls Down

Tired of seeing the same bland walls every time you enter the bathroom? You have a few options. You could paint them again, you could invest in some wallpaper, or do some kind of tile split. But putting up a wood pallet wall will give the room a much different vibe. You only need to do one side, but we’re not going to stop you from doing the entire room to give it a cabin feel.

Lend Me Your Comb

If you’re obsessed with your hair, you probably own a plethora of electric dryers and various ointments that are scattered across your sink. Everyone knows that wrapping the cord around a dryer can do some severe damage to it, and if it accidentally falls in the toilet or tub, you can expect some sparks to fly. Simply build a rack for your hair appliances, and you’ll never search around the house for your dryer ever again. You’ll also keep all your gels and lotions organized!

Showers For Days

With summer quickly coming soon, you might want to cool down from the inevitable scorching heat. Outdoor showers are a great way to refresh yourself while being outside for an extended period of time. If you have a dog in the house, you can bet they’ll be happy with running laps through it. Cats will simply turn the other way.

Either way, it’s a neat, simple addition to the home, and just in time for summer!

Dirty Laundry Looks Good On You

A huge pet peeve for a lot of people is walking into the bathroom and stepping on a dirty pair of underwear. To avoid any additional clutter on the floor, a laundry station is necessary. Aside from making it safer to enter your bathroom, you can neatly organize your laundry. As a bonus, on top of your organizer you have a convenient folding table for fresh loads! Furniture that can serve more than one purpose is good by me!

Time After Time

Not many bathrooms have clocks, which is usually a bad thing if you’re trying to keep track of your long hot shower. In this day and age, clocks inside homes are nearly extinct, but wooden ones are a complete thing of the past. It’s a shame, because this wood pallet clock adds a unique feel to any room, doesn’t it? With some work, you can have a nifty clock that will deliver an old-fashioned feel.

Time To Take Out The Trash

Having a tiny trash bin in the bathroom is very essential for a cleaner environment. Tossing trash in the toilet will lead to severe clogging problems, and we doubt you’ll be cool with having the plumber come over again. A sturdy, reliable trash bin is a must for every bathroom, especially one that makes it easy to change bags. Depending on the layout of the restroom, it’s best to place this little nugget near the toilet.

The Roll That Goes And Goes

Finding a good toilet paper holder is rather rough. Many of them have the tendency to break, which can lead to you placing that brand new roll on the back of the toilet. Everyone knows that accidentally dropping toilet paper in the toilet is one of the worst things that can ever happen to you.

Wooden holders are much sturdier than their plastic counterparts, and from the look of it, this wood pallet holder only took a few pieces and a solid stain job.

This Is How We Roll

Most people tend to only purchase one roll of toilet paper at a time, which will lead to catastrophe during a major bathroom emergency. If you’re one of the lucky ones that buy toilet paper in bulk, you’ll need something to keep them in the area at all times. This massive holder will help you breathe a sigh of relief for the next crisis. Long as you keep it stocked at the top, you’ll never experience that uncomfortable feeling of pulling the last square off the roll while you’re sitting down!

How Lovely Are Your Colors

Having mini shelves on your bathroom wall is cool, but giving them a nice coat of paint can add some flavor to the washroom. Obviously, this pic is only a place to start. The possibilities here are endless!

Whether you’re trying to blend your shelves in with the wall or trying make them stand out, visitors will be at awe at what they see. Let’s hope they don’t lose focus and make a mess.

Simple Baby Steps

If you have a child in the house, you know how hard it is to get them using the toilet properly. If you’ve noticed a constant problem with their potty habits, you can further assist them with a step stool. That’s not the only good use for the stool. Your child can also use it to get closer to the bathroom sink. Unfortunately, it won’t help them go after that jar of cookies you’ve kept hidden in the kitchen.