DIY Concrete Flower Vase

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Vase is a symbol of peace and harmony. With it can be encouraged a variety of symbolic meanings.According to feng shui vase is a great subject which collects good Qi, manifested through calmness of mind and satisfaction.DIY Concrete Floral Vasesource

How To Make Concrete Vase


To make a concrete vase  is not easy. It is a long and difficult process. Much easier is to make vase from other materials and use a mixture of colors that mimic stone. This method is simpler, cheaper and allows you to create almost any shape of vases. In this article will explain, how to make a vase from concrete. For work, we need the following ingredients: Cement, sand and water.And don’t forget tools: gloves, plastic bucket, apron, scissors. Select the form for a vase.As a form you can use any products packaging , such as ice cream packaging, plastic bottle, metal box.In plastic bucket make dry mix: cement and sand in the proportion of 1:4. Use gloves for your hands. Slowly add water.Stir the solution with stick or shovel. The mixture should look like thick cream.On shapes that are chosen for vase rub them with oil and set them for filling with concrete. Fill with mixture that you prepare earlier and allow to dry 48 hours.Then carefully invert and remove the vase. If it has a bumps you can remove them with dry sand. Furthermore ja can decorate as you wish. See our suggestions.dipped-concrete-vase-sourceHow To Make Concrete Vasesourceconcrete-vasessourceConcrete-PlanterssourceMinimalist Concrete Vasesourceconcrete vasessourcevase-leadsourceeasy-to-make-concrete-vases-lsourceDIY Concrete Flower VasesourceDIY Concrete Flower Vase 1source