Casa Mila In Barcelona ,Spain

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Casa Mila in Barcelona (Spain) amazing architectural work of architect Antoni Gaudi. This home was built for family Casa Mila and last job of the architect. Upon completion of this home Gaudí devoted his time to the work on the Temple of Sagrada Familia. La Pedrera (Casa Mila) was built in the early 20th century. The exterior of the buildings of this talented architect constantly remind on a sentence: there are no straight lines in the nature, it is not monochromatic.Spain.Barcelona.Casa.Milasourcecasa milà in barcelona spainsource

The façade is made in the form of a succession of undulating stone wall with small and large windows. Windows look in the courtyard, while the room of the owners is located on the outer perimeter of the building. Every detail of the structure brings practical functionality and surreal look. On the roof of La Pedrera is a special peace in which all functional parts are camouflaged under the sculpture. Looking at the unusual elevators, shafts and chimneys, it seems that we are in a world of mysterious animals.Today, La Pedrera is the seat of the “Fund of Catalonia” and a starting point for various activities. casa milà in barcelona spain 2antoni-gaudi-spain-barcelona-casa-mila-05-samuel-ludwigsourcecasa milà in barcelona spain -buildingsource

“Savings of Catalonia”, which owns the building, use the former apartment of 1000 square meters like a showroom. Most of the remaining space are offices and in some of them are still living Catalan family. In 1984, La Pedrera was included in the UNESCO list of world heritage, becoming the first building of the greatest buildings of the twentieth century.Organic Entry-source