Calling All Women: Easy DIY Projects For Your Weekend

Are you looking to get creative and do something crafty with your weekend? These simple DIY projects are fast, fun, and fierce! On top of that, after you’re done, you will have the most amazing new accessories and décor to add flavor to your wardrobe and your home.

DIY Phone Holder With Toilet Paper Rolls Which Doubles As A Speaker

With just toilet paper rolls, push pins, a cutter, and some cute washi tapes, you can make your own phone holder and recycle at the same time! Cut out the size for your phone in the roll, wrap the washi tape around, cut the tape where your phone will be placed, wrap two more pieces of washi tape on each side of the roll to tuck in, and put in the four pins like feet!

DIY Lace Shorts–No Sewing Required!

Start with a plain pair of shorts and turn them into a stylish, lacy pair without breaking out the sewing kit! All you’ll need is fabric glue, a foam paint brush, scissors, shorts, and lace. Check the video below to get started! Tell your friends you made them yourself when they inevitably ask! They’ll be so impressed!


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Elegant DIY Leaf Pillows

Give your home a designer’s touch with this gorgeous stencil leaf technique in a few easy steps! Pick up some fabric paint, a plastic leaf, a small brayer, some plain cotton pillows or pillowcases, and grab your iron to set in the paint. Whether they are meant to fancify your living room or add a touch of flair to your bed, these pillows will do the trick. Try it out with other shapes too!

Easy And Quick DIY Kimono

Turn any square scarf or fabric into an irresistible, flowing kimono in under an hour. Some mild sewing is necessary, but it’s easy as pie, I promise. Pick out your favorite fabric or scarf, matching thread, grab a scissors, measuring tape, and some pins and needles, and channel your inner style!

This video will walk you through it!


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DIY Starlight Garland To Beautify Any Room

This DIY project turns ordinary globe string lights into a spectacular work of art! With some white craft foam, a cutter, and white globe string lights (or white spray paint if you can’t find white ones), connect the stars to the lights, and already you have it! Hang the finished product on the wall using little white cord clips. Entertaining guests is always more fun when your space is filled with the perfect ambiance.

DIY Glitter Travel Mug

You know what can turn your standard travel mug from ordinary to amazing? A bit of glitter! Use a travel mug with the removable outer plastic shell, spray adhesive, and for the most important part, glitter! Pick your favorite glitter color or get creative and mix colors together. Then spray adhesive in the detached shell, quickly dump in the glitter, and repeat. Now you can fall in love with your travel mug all over again every morning!

Exotic DIY Ceramic Map Coasters

Bring some extra fun to your surfaces with these awesome map coasters. Grab the maps and square ceramic tiles, modge podge, self-adhesive felt, scissors, a pencil, and a paintbrush. Apply a layer of modge podge to the tile. Attach a fitted map piece and apply 3 layers of modge podge, letting each fully dry between coats. A fitted felt piece will stick to the other side. Now look what you’ve made and smile!

Stunning Planks And Ladders DIY Bookshelf

No one looks at a bookshelf made of wooden planks and a ladder (or as many ladders as you want!) and doesn’t think it is an amazing way to decorate. The best part is that it is so easy to make. You’ll need a spare ladder or two, or three, some wooden planks, and… that’s it! The hardest part will be deciding what you want to put on your new, spectacular shelves!

Indoor/Outdoor DIY Beer Bottle Lamps

Instead of letting someone else recycle your empty beer bottles for you, why not do it yourself and add some mood lighting to your life while you’re at it? Literally, all you need are some empty beer bottles and a string or two of Christmas lights. It could not be simpler. With a little soap and hot water, the labels on the bottles come right off. Moments later, voilà: your perfect ambiance is achieved.

These DIY Lace Doily Bowls Are Beyond Adorable

You can easily splash color around your house while tidying up the surfaces with these cute, lace doily bowls! Gather the doilies, fabric stiffener, small plastic bowls, and your choice of acrylic paint. Mix the paint with the stiffener, saturate the doily, place on the bottom of another bowl to mold the shape, and wait 24 hours for them to dry and harden. Use them for jewelry, coins, or anything small you have lying around!

DIY Brass Hexagon Rings

Found at any hardware store, turn some simple hexagon rings into gorgeous jewelry. Who needs Forever 21, right? Using nail polish, you can paint one side, paint alternating sides, paint a hexagon one color and another a different color, or make up your own designs! Whatever you choose, these stacked geometrial rings will definitely glitz up your hands! For double trouble, you can also put rings on a chain and wear them around your neck.

Fun DIY Vintage Wallpaper Drawers

With your favorite wallpaper, you can transform a plain dresser into an interior designer’s dream. All you have to do is choose an amazing wallpaper, measure it to size, and glue it to the front of the dresser drawers. If your chosen wallpaper doesn’t go with the base or knobs of the dresser, find a matching color that suits your taste and paint the rest. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

Artsy DIY Mason Jar Candle Holder

Accent any room with this beautiful DIY candle holder. Pick out some old book pages, use a sponge brush to glue them to the mason jar with modge podge on both sides, and wait a few hours for them to dry. From the page, you might even cut out a shape, like a heart, an oval, music notes, or anything you like! Put a tea candle inside and you have yourself a charming little centerpice.

DIY Two-Toned Pumps That Couldn’t Be Easier To Make

These DIY two-toned pumps will bolden your wardrobe in just a few short steps. You’ll need a paintbrush, masking tape, acrylic paint in white and your chosen color, and of course the pumps! Attach the masking tape to the shoes evenly, paint a white coat, let it dry, then paint on your color.After it dries, remove the masking tape, and you’re done. Time to get fancy and glam up your style!

The Cutest DIY Button Bobby Pins

Ready to add even more flare to your style? Attach some beautiful buttons to your bobby pins! It’s actually as easy as it sounds. All you need are the bobby pins, the buttons, and super glue. In one easy step of gluing the buttons and bobby pins together, your ordinary hair style just got a whole lot cuter! Who would have thought it could be so easy? Your friends will no doubt be dazzled.