Breathing Techniques to Help You Feel Relaxed and Present

Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

Breathing is something everyone does naturally, but when you focus on it and make it a mindful practice, everything changes. Breathing techniques can help to slow down your sympathetic nervous system, which controls arousal. This can help you in times of stress, but is also something good to practice when you feel balanced so your body can get into the routine of calming down. Here are some breathing techniques for you to practice.

Hand on Belly and Heart

Breathing in out while having one hand placed on your belly and one on your heart can be a great way for you to start actually feeling how you breathe. When you do this exercise, try to start by filling the belly up with air and then allowing it to rise to your chest. Then, exhale by expelling the air from the chest and finishing at the belly.

4-7-8 Breathing

This type of breathing is great for relaxing, especially before bed. Start by exhaling all the air out of your lungs but put your tongue at the top of the roof of your mouth so you make a whooshing sound as the air releases. Then, inhale through your noes for 4 counts and hold it inside of you for 7 counts. Finally, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth again and exhale for 8 counts, making the whooshing sound as before.