Are You Showering Too Much?

Image by 955169 on Pixabay

A lot of people can’t start their day without turning on the faucet and having a shower. But, is it actually good for you? Believe or not, the amount of times you shower in a week can actually affect the health of your skin, and also be wasting water. If you’ve ever considered cutting back on your showers, read this guide to find out if it’s right for you.


Most dermatologists says that showering every day is not necessary, unless you are either working out on a daily basis, or live in a very hot or humid place where you sweat a lot. For everyone else, you can shower every 2-3 days and still not be dirty.


While you should only shower your body every 2-3 days, your face and hands are a different story. You should wash your hands multiple times a day, and your face at least once a day. After you wash either of these areas though, try to use a moisturizer or lotion to restore some hydration to your skin.


When you do take a shower, be mindful of how long and how hot your shower is. You should try to take quick showers that are only warm not hot, because hot water can really hurt your skin.