Amazing Rock City You Must See It

castellfollit de la roca spain

There are some amazing feats in the architecture in which are combined architecture and nature.

amazing rock city you must see it

1 Amazing Rock City You Must See It-Acapulco
Acapulco – Mexican tourist town, which has taken the prominent place in history since 1950. Acapulco is popular, both to domestic and foreign tourists .The city is famous for its paradise beaches that stretch for miles, many hotels, fine restaurants and plenty of discos.In Acapulco nightlife never fades. Acapulco – great place to relax with well developed tourist infrastructure.Amazing rock city you must see-Acapulco - Mexican sourceAmazing rock city you must see-Acapulco - Mexican sourceThe-Clavadistas-of-Acapulco-Mexicosource

2 Castellfollit de la Roca
Castellfollit de la roca is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the region of Catalonia in Spain. It is built on a rock of basalt, between two rivers. Most of the buildings seem to be on the edge of the cliff, creating the illusion that they could fall at any moment.castellfollit de la roca spain sourcecastellfollit de la roca spain sourcecastellfollit de la roca spainsource

3  Mesa Verde Colorado
Mesa Verde occupies 211 square miles, was established June 29, 1906 in the state of Colorado.Mass Verde is located in southwestern Colorado and is home to ancient people. It is the most important archaeological preservation of Indian culture in the United States.mesa verde coloradosourcemesa verde colorado city rocksourcemesa verde rock citysource

4  Ronda Spain
Ronda is located in the province of Malaga in Spain. The city is located in the mountains at an altitude of 760 meters and is divided into two parts by the river Guedelevin. In Ronda is located the oldest arena for bullfight. The city was founded as a military fortress during the Punic War.Ronda Spain city rock sourceRonda Spain city rocksourceRonda Spain city rock source

5 Postiano Italy
Positano – a resort on the south-western part of Italy. It is located in the Gulf of Salerno 60 km from Naples. Today the city Positano (Italy) is one of the most popular resorts on the peninsula.Special note not only give the sea and the mountains, but the specific of his position. Territory of the city spread on three small valleys limited with the sea and high mountain ranges.Postiano Italy rock citysourcePostiano Italy rock city sourcePositano_Sunsetsource