A Citywide Art Display in NYC Shares Important Message about Climate Change

Flashing highway signs have appeared across New York City to inform New Yorkers about the risk of climate change.

10 solar-powered signs have been scattered across the city, in every one of its boroughs. The idea of the citywide exhibit is to use art to teach people about the global issue as well as signify the threat it poses via distress signals.

The project is part of an exhibition by the Climate Museum and the signs were created by artist Justin Brice Guariglia. Miranda Massie, director of the museum and founder of the project explained:

“These signs sound a warning about the climate crisis and they call us to think and act on the issue,” she explained. “When you see a flashing traffic signal your initial response is that there are uncertain conditions ahead, and that is exactly what climate change is. This is the perfect medium for bringing up this alert.”

She continued: “Anyone who is aware of the climate crisis is appalled and alarmed by the disgraceful assault by the administration on climate progress. But this project isn’t political in a narrow sense, it’s about social and cultural action. We need a social shift to deal with climate change. It shouldn’t be a political lightning rod.”

The informative art display will be kept active until November 6.