4 Ways to Improve Your Posture

Lifestyle, genetics, and clothing are all things that cause poor posture. But, these things don’t cause permanent damage and with a few quick and easy fixes, you’ll be standing up straight again. Here are four ways to improve your posture.

Change Your Hairstyle and Clothes

Your hairstyle, bra, and shoes, all have an impact on your posture. Wearing a ponytail or hat can cause you to tilt your head forward which causes stress on your spine and neck. Also, the wrong bra can cause your shoulder to roll forward and your back to slouch.


Sit at the Edge of Your Chair

If your job requires you to sit at a desk all day, to correct slouching, try sitting at the edge of your chair.


Distribute Your Weight Evenly

If your job has you standing all day, make sure you put one foot on a step or stool and switch legs as needed to distribute your weight from one hip to the other.

Check In With Your Body Daily

Do daily exercises to improve your posture and spinal alignment. One exercise you can do is to face a door frame and bring one foot forward while placing your forearms against the frame and bending the front knee. At the same time, tighten or contract the glute muscles of the back leg while engaging your abdominals. Slowly slide hands up like you’re reaching for the top of the door frame while taking slow deep breaths. Then, do the same with the other leg.