3 Things You Should Sanitize When You Get Sick

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

This winter hit us hard by turning the regular flu season into a serious pandemic. We all have to be extra careful now and do everything we can to prevent further spreading of the Coronavirus. If you get sick, here are some of the most important surfaces you need to sanitize on a daily basis.



You’re constantly touching your phone whether your hands are clean or dirty, so it’s only natural that it’s probably the dirtiest thing you have. Clean it at least once per day to make sure there are no bacteria on it.


After clicking for a few hours, chances are your keyboard is full of germs that you don’t want back on your hands. It needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise, it won’t matter how often you wash your hands.

TV Remote

The TV remote is probably just as dirty as your phone, plus it’s something the whole family is touching so it can help spread viruses and bacteria. Sanitize it daily to prevent this.