The Best Ways to Combat Muscle Pain

Muscle soreness is the price we pay after pushing ourselves too hard at the gym. If you’re looking for a way to avoid and fight this common physical issues, these three easy tricks will get you there.


Avoiding warm-up before your workout is one of the worst habits you could possibly cultivate. Stretching before and after hitting the gym is an essential because it helps your body relieve tension and it aids the recovery process.

Massage Time

It’s recommended to massage your sore spots after the workout is over. Put your foam roller to some good use and make sure to spend extra time on problematic areas that are hurting the most.

Hot and Cold

Heat and ice can do wonders for your sore muscles. Take a freezing cold shower or ice your sore spots immediately after your workout and consider exposing your body to some heat remedies if you’re still feeling sore the day later.